About Us

With the introduction of large flatscreen TV’s about fifteen years ago, Lee and other home theater designers were faced with the vexing problem of mounting these TV’s above fireplaces. While it may be the logical location from an interior design perspective, it leaves viewers in the awkward position of watching television craning their necks upward. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on their media systems, clients were forced to watch movies and television shows gazing skyward.

Lee was both frustrated and embarrassed that this critically important design element did not have a solution. Despite the fact that there are scores of companies making TV mounts, there was nothing available for people who want to place their TV over a fireplace and not strain their necks to watch. Lee finally decided he’d be the person to solve this problem, and with the ComfortVu over the fireplace motorized TV mount, he’s done just that.

The design and production standards of the ComfortVu TV mount reflect Lee’s focus on the integration of form and function, specification of the highest grade materials available, engineering for safety, ease of operation, and durability. The response to the ComfortVu TV mount has been overwhelmingly positive. No longer do viewers have to suffer the discomfort of too high television placement. It seems the only folks who wish the ComfortVu TV mount had never been invented are chiropractors who are already noticing a marked decline in neck and shoulder complaints.