Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Bothers thanks ComfortVu for his new above the fireplace motorized TV mount. But things get funny quickly.

Kevin Jonas, the eldest of the Jonas Brothers, purchased a ComfortVu motorized TV mount. Kevin and his wife appreciate high tech gadgets, so he was eager to receive his new discovery. He was so thrilled that he tweeted a thank you video to his 1.7 million followers. He was saying “From my friends at ComfortVu, thank you very much; the thing is amazing”, “Absolutely awesome”, and “Totally cool”, while he was standing in his living room in front of his TV going down from above his fireplace on my mount.

When my wife and I were sent his tweet we were exhilarated. We thought 1.7 million followers; with so much exposure for our mount we would see a tremendous avalanche of orders. We started to look at the re-tweets and realized OOPS! Things don’t always work out like we want them to.

Kevin was getting hundreds of re-tweets, mostly from 13-year old girls, saying “We love you Kevin”, “You look so cute Kevin”, and “I love your new TV”. A lot of the re-tweeters also said “Thank you, ComfortVu”, but we don’t think they knew what ComfortVu was. The exposure fell largely on deaf ears.

So, next time you think you’re going to cash in on something, remember my experience with ComfortVu; the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Here is the link to Kevin Jonas’ tweet:

My next Blog post will explore how hard it is to manufacture the ComfortVu motorized TV mount is the USA.

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