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  • Can I use this motorized fireplace TV mount with mantels deeper than 12”?
    The ComfortVu TV mount can be used with any depth mantel depending upon the height it is placed over the fireplace mantel. As you increase the distance between the bottom of your TV and the top of the mantel, the mantel depth can increase. For example, a TV placed 3” above the mantel will clear a 12” mantel.
  • Can I have a fire while my TV is lowered?
    It depends. You can have a fire as long as you use common sense. Keep in mind that if it is too hot to stand in front of the fire at the same distance where your TV will be parked, the fire is too hot. The maximum temperature allowable for TVs is typically a little more than 100-degrees Fahrenheit. You may consider building a smaller fire with less wood. Also, in many cities in the USA new homes can only be built with gas fireplaces rather than wood burning ones. Your fire may not be hot enough for this to be a problem. If you still want your gas fire while you are watching your TV, turn the fire down a bit.
  • Do I need a professional installer to mount this new mount?
    No. All instructions must be read before you begin installation. An audio/video professional, handyman, electrician, contractor, or homeowner who is handy can install the mount. The mounting requires a drill, a level, and a ratchet wrench. We include Lag bolts, TV screws, spacers, 3/16″ drill, and an Allen wrench. Knowledge of the structure of your wall to ensure the TV will have the proper support is necessary. You will need AC power on the wall, preferably in the free area in the middle of the mount. Lastly, a professional installer will know how to integrate your TV with your other components.
  • Can I program the remote-control codes into my all-in-one remote?
    Most programmable remote controls are capable of learning our remote codes. Only two buttons are required.
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  • Can I use any TV?
    You can use any TV which is 190 lbs or less. In order to conceal the entire mount and cables, you’ll need a TV which is at least 28-inches high. If you’re using a speaker bar, add it to the height of the TV when determining what size TV is compatible.
  • Can my child take a ride on the mount?
    Most certainly not! The mount is not a toy. No person or object must block the path of your TV while it is in motion! The ComfortVu motorized TV mount is only for flat panels and TV’s.
  • Can this be used with a TV that is smaller than 55”?
    Yes. If you’re using a speaker bar mounted under or over the TV, add it to the height of the TV when determining what size TV is compatible.
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